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Vitaplex Biometric Hair Treatment

Imagine being ablate change your look without fear of compromising the condition of your hair

What if you could restore your hair to its natural state during a colour or lightening service?

Are you unable to change your colour because your hair is too damaged from previous chemical services?

3 steps to Beautiful Healthy Hair

Step 1 – Bond protector
Your colourist will add this to your colour service to prevent damage during your service

Step 2 – Bond reconstructor
Applied by your colourist after your service to rebuild the hair structure

Step 3 – Bond Preserver
The take home strengthening treatment for you to maintain the significantly improved health & condition of your new hair.

If you’re not looking for a colour service!!
Vitaplex can be used as a stand alone treatment to repair previously damaged hair. After just one treatment, hair looks and feels significantly stronger and healthier.

Vitaplex £15.00
(Highly recommended as part of any colour service, as they help protect your hair
for chemical damage especially if the hair is very porous hair)

The science

Unique biomimetic technology means that Vitaplex is able to rebuild damaged hair the way nature intended.
Rav19 complex reconstructs the damaged areas of the keratin structure by replicating and replacing, in exact sequence & quantity. The 19 amino acids that can be destroyed during chemical services – effectively restoring the hair to its natural state.

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