Price List

Restyle £55.00
Cut & Finish £45.00
Wet Cut £35.00
Gents Cut £25.00
Gents Clipper cut
all over clipper cut
Childrens 0-6 years £15.00
Juniors 7 – 10 years £18.00
Secondary age 11 – 15 years £25.00
Regrowth & refresh
This is a full head colour, refreshing any colour though the mid-lengths and ends.
From £47.00
Regrowth tint
Roots only
Semi tint From £37.00
Great forremoving unwanted yellow tone from highlights, or adding a bit of warmth for a tonal colour
Full head foils From £77.00
1/2 head foils
From £58.00
T-Section From £50.00
Parting foils
From £43
From £25
Balayage / Foilayage From £95.00
Colour Care treatment – deep conditioning treatment, everyone needs one, especially with todays lifestyles of using heated tools, holidays, air conditioning/central heating, colour services
Vitaplex Full treatement
This is a full hair bond repair treatment, you have with this service full hair covage of the treatment and you get to take home the No3 post treatment (rrp £17.99) This is an offer as part of any other service booked.
Vitaplex in colour treatment
This is where you have this treatment No.1 added to your colour service and its followed by part No.2 all over your hair.
Short above shoulder length hair. £100.00
Shoulder length
Below shoulder £150.00
Extra long length hair
This smoothing service lasts 3 – 5 months and transforms the managbility of the hair, with this service you must use the shampoo and conditioner from the same range or it will reduce the life of the treatment. All products are availble for purchase.

Choose from my range of hair colouring options from Hair By Emma.
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